Friday, November 8

Austin.San Antonio

We flew to Texas to celebrate the marriage of David and Anna.  The wedding was beautiful and so fun. Brady made the wedding video and it turned out incredible.  

We had a day before the wedding so we went and discovered Austin, TX.

The whole city congregates to watch the worlds biggest bat colony fly out of this bridge.  It was so creepy! I thought I was getting rabies just watching them fly above my head.  Right at dusk the bats start squawking and flying out in the thousands. It takes four hours for all the bats to come out from under the bridge.

Blue bell many choices!

A theater to ourselves. We even snuck in some blue bell ice-cream.  
Now that we have a baby, going to a movie is such a big deal.  
It feels so special because we can't go as often.

The Texas capital looks pretty here.  But as we walked around it, we decided we didn't like that it was mud colored.  

River walk by night.  So pretty!

We went to the craziest drive through zoo in San Antonio.  They hand out bags of food and the animals come right up to your car and eat out of your hand.  We could not believe it was legal.  This really had us missing Tagg man!
I only kiss Brady, but when I don't, it has to be a ram.

The Alamo

 We ate right on the river.  Great view. Decent food.

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