Monday, December 9

Blogging about Halloween in December is wrong

Christmas is almost here and I am sitting down to blog about Halloween and Thanksgiving.  At least I'm documenting the memories.  I no longer scrapbook so the blog is all I've got for my kiddo's memory book.

Tagg was the cutest stuffed elephant.  He made the elephant noise all night and wouldn't take his costume off.  He wore it for three hours straight halloween night and three hours at our family party. The treats were mana from heaven for this boy.  He didn't even need a trick or treat basket because he ate the treat right out of our neighbors hands.   

We went to Fisher's neighborhood and saw these amazing fog bubbles and did a wagon ride around Halloween street.  Our neighbor grew the second largest pumpkin in utah and had it on his porch. Tagg man had a nice seat as he ate his 9th snickers.

We had a happy halloweener and home made donut at pomps and nanas.  Delicious!

Nats: tweedle dee Rex: frankenstein Richard: chef

 Seriously this brother of mine is too funny! His wife was out of town and he still dresses up! He got tickets to the jazz game for best costume. I think the hand made cross necklace won him those.

The tradition.  No child goes home without a little spook.

and this is Tagg man last year as a pumpkin.  Such a patient guy in these not so comfortable costumes.

and this is our favorite halloween get up.  Happy halloween in December!

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