Monday, January 13

Christmas 2013

Sometimes I feel like there is nothing to blog about. And when there IS something to write about, I put it as last priority on the to-do list.

As I look through old posts, I feel so grateful I kept a snippet of an account of our life.

Here is our Christmas 2013 {one I will never forget-even if I forgot to blog about it}

Christmas Eve Dinner at the Dunns

This little elf stayed up till midnight for the first time Christmas Eve.  As you can tell, he is still a bit sleepy and sick.  This is about as excited as he got seeing his hoop that he was so energetic about getting.  

oh ya....and he hates Santa

Christmas Morning Breakfast
This captures my favorite part of our 2013 Christmas.  Watching a video with all of Zach's baby pictures to "Merry Christmas baby Zachary."  What made it so special was that Brady and I got both sides of our loved ones in one room for this breakfast.  That was so special to me.

Oh and the orange juice was incredible.  Fresh squeezed from Arizona. thanks to the Pew's

We decked the halls! And made snowflake cookies too!

                                             .............And a wreath from the yard greenery

I de-plaided Brady's closet and made some fun stockings!

Tagg made all sorts of basketball and football wish lists

 He got to go see The Grand America's Christmas windows with his neighbor friends.  There were 20 windows and the only one that these six boys would stop for was the Paint Department Window display.  They loved the guns!.....and so Brady went out that night and bought Tagg a nerf gun.  Now he is a 1.5yr old with a gun.  Fun starting them so young right???????

Christmas can't come without sewing something. And this year I got to sew Natalie's last Christmas formal dress.  It made me sad I won't get to do this dress making business for her much longer.

Tagg had the honored role of Joseph in the family nativity.  

Such a fun activity to dress up and role play the true meaning of Christmas.....
before all the gifting starts

This money saving man surprised us all by buying a boat.  

And then we got in our Christmas jammies and went to bed....or that's what Tagg thought.


emi said...
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emi said...

1. your house is beautiful 2. almost cried again thinking of baby z's gift again! 3. brady's cat mask..??? 4. elf tagg sitting in his new play car is the BEST. 5. still loving the football helmet hehehe 6. glad you will have a wagstaff boat with mike & linny gone! 6. the last pic----FAVORITE. love love love you guys!