Wednesday, January 29

Toddler Taggart

Things I don't ever want to forget about Taggart...but I don't trust my memory so I better write this down......

I love the way you say "Hi honey."

I love when you call me "Mimi"

Today Dad said: Do you have stinks on?
Tagg: Ya
Dad: let me change your diaper
Tagg: No.  Mom
Wahoo.  Climbing the ladder at my stay at home profession. Now I have the title of full time diaper changer.

About three times a day, you crouch down and snap the football and say, "down set hut."  You will make a great long snapper.  In the grocery store yesterday you took a valentines bear off the shelf, got down in your crouch position and said, "down set hut," and threw the bear between your legs.

You are now not that messy.  Thank you....except when you throw up. Which reminds me how cute you are when you are sick.  This week you have thrown up at least 10 times and every time I rub your back and say, "Are you ok Taggie?" and you always reply, "Ya" with the sweetest voice. And right before you throw up you say, "Mama, mama." Like you need me to save you.  And I wish I could!

You love strawberries, every kind of sweet, milk all day long, cheese, hummus, edamame, and bananas.

You have become scared of the dark.  You look into a dark room and pretend to be brave by nervously waving and laughing and pointing into a room you will never enter.

You have fun playing hide and seek.  You hide in one spot only.  Under the chair in the family room.  You scream before I even find you.

You love dress ups.  Hats, glasses, boots, helmets, gloves, and you love your down coat.  Probably a gene HR passed on to you.


You say all your cousins names.  The funniest is when you say Bobbie for Robbie, Yaya for Madison, and Eve in a very high, girly voice.

You love any kind of motorized vehicle.  Cars, scooters, and the snowmobile sled. You love the zoo with Yaya!


You love helping with dishes.  Mainly just splashing in the water and playing with the soap bubbles but I get what I need done.  And then have a few puddles to clean up after.

 You love the Go Utes.  You get so excited just seeing the tickets.  You learned to throw up your U last week.

You are learning to ski.  And you love it!

You have awesome hair.  Nats says you look like the baby grinch with your bed head.  I sort of agree.

I love the way you love routine.  I use to force you to bathe, read a book, and then sing so you would get the hang of a bedtime routine.  Now you remind me every night by saying, "Bathe bathe bathe bathe bathe" till its done and then "book book book book." "Twinkle twinkle." You love repetition.

Anytime the TV goes on you request basketball or football. Or Elmo.

We went to the library and in the middle of story time you started screaming, "Home, home, home." That was fun.

The terrible two's just begun.  You have about 10 tantrums a day that are in a different language.  You ask for milk.  I get it. And then you throw it across the room screaming.  You are super particular too.  We have to read books on your oversized puppy and do alphabet flashcards on my bed and no where else.  You know what you want and have a very strong opinion.


You are so loved buddy!


emi said...

this just killed me!!! i want to squeeze him right now. hi honey! hahaa and love how you described how he acts with dark rooms. too funny. down set hike!
love him more than words can say! and you guys...cutest parents there ever were. facetime asap! XO

Johanna said...

Loved hearing these beautiful memories. What a treasure.