Friday, March 21


My new niece Dottie was born February 4th!!
I loved being able to visit and see Talmage and Johanna's home in Memphis.
My mom and I flew out with Taggart. He was amazing on our flight. We left at 4:00pm (waking him up from his nap) and arrived in Memphis at 11:00pm. He did not sleep a wink.  He spent 1/2 the time digging through Nana's treat bag and the other 1/2 poking his head above the seats and laughing at people behind us.  He is such a character! I loaded 10 new Disney movies onto our iPad thinking he would stay entertained with that.  He watched 2 minutes of Finding Nemo and decided that was enough.  


Holding Dottie was the most amazing experience.  Any newborn is a precious, fresh piece of heaven. But when it's your blood relative, something is different.  There is a bond there that was created years before holding her. It feels like a start to an amazing relationship that will never end.  

Their southern yellow home is the perfect fit for raising busy kids.  The floor plan is ideal. We would be cooking in the kitchen and the boys would be entertained all while we kept an eye on them and on the oven. The three cousins had so much fun together. And Tal and Johanna have the worlds best toys. A climbing wall!! (taggarts favorite) a slide! every possible musical instrument, the best stash of books that even entertain me!

endless fun with Nana!

We really experienced Southern food.  Talmage has found the Worlds best fried chicken and the worlds best bbq.  Honestly, this is not my favorite style of food, but when done right, WOW! These places are a must in Tennessee!
Gus's Fried Chicken
Rendezvous BBQ

Trolley rides!

 I saw a panda bear for the first time at the Memphis Zoo. There are only 4 zoo's in the US with pandas. Our favorite thing was the baby red panda's. My mom had to buy a stuffed one she was so in love.  The kids fell asleep and I thought they looked so similar here.

I left a little present on Dottie's doorstep every night. She has the cutest room!

Their last bath before our 4:00am flight in the morning.  

There is nothing sweeter than a dad with his daughter.

I loved seeing Talmage and Johanna in action.  They are great parents and handle a newborn and all the stress that comes with it, with ease.

 A southern gem.  I love this picture because of the flock of blackbirds.  I have never seen so many blackbirds in my life.  A field in front of Tal's house was covered in blackbirds and Taggart walked for 15 minutes through these birds. Groups would fly up in the trees every time we got close.

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