Tuesday, April 22

28 pictures for my big 28!

This was my day in pictures.  
5:30 Temple visit
7:30 Millcreek Run to Breakfast
9:00 Citris Grill
11:30 Lunch Date with Nats to Jamba
1:00-5:00 Mom Duties
6:00 Market Street Dinner with Brady
7:30 Soccer Game, Rootbeer floats, confetti, and family

I got some red new balance shoes and Tagg LOVED them.  He had to try them on first and would not take them off.  He ate his entire dinner with my huge shoes on.  Still to this day, every time I put them on he said, "My shoes or Tagg's shoes."  It is hilarious!

My mom was out of town for my birthday. Of course the minute she gets in town she has my favorite dessert ready for me with the cutest candles. I love fruit tarts!

Blowing out candles with the two cutest cousins at the Dunns.

We laugh at this Were's Waldo photo. I had to start my 28 photo's at 5:30am and I wasn't looking so good but the temple was! This didn't make the collage but the family ones below did- I just like to see them bigger because I love all those faces at my house!

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emi said...

love it! so sad i missed your birthday but glad the package made it! XO