Monday, April 21

A few of my favorite things....

You live on the tramp!

You love sports!
You love shoes, hats, and glasses.

We are outside 98% of our day.
You open our locked doors and pry open our picket fence to get into the park...all by yourself. Dad has installed new latches, ropes, rocks, and chains and you still find a way to get out. But....I am always watching.  Except for that one time when we panicked and thought you ran through the park but you were just downstairs.  Early heart attack!

Your favorite toy right now is the baseball, mitt, and bat.

Probably because your favorite book right now is, "if you give a dog a donut." The dog plays baseball and you love saying, "home run" when the dog hits the baseball over the apple tree.

You love to draw.

You try to grab things that are just pictures.  Looking at a magazine picture of cookies you tried grabbing them and got so frustrated they look so real but you can't grab it. You started making the fake eating gesture with your mouth.  An iPhone ad made you so frustrated because you couldn't hold it.  Its hilarious!

Today you stuck your head between this ladder at the playground and yelled mama.  I came over and you puckered your lips so I assumed you wanted a kiss.  I gave you a kiss but I also gave you a shock! i guess my down coat didn't like the friction from the slide.  The next time you did it, i said Kiss? and you said , "No, ouch."

You are attached to your green, Cloud Sheets blanket.  You don't go anywhere without it.   I stitched a "T" in the corner of yours {because all your cousins have the same blanky} and every time you nap, you search the entire blanket till you find that "T." Then you place that very corner right next to your nose and hold it there while you suck your thumb.  It is the cutest thing! And dad hates it.  He always says, " You don't need your dumb blanket." 

Your favorite color is..... green.  That truck is.... green.  Your blanky  You think everything is green.  I decided to teach you some more colors by singing the Joseph technicolor dream coat song like Johanna teaching Luke and now you know a lot of colors.  

You are scared of remote control cars, remote control airplanes, and any loud machine like the lawn mower. And you are scared of bugs.

A hug from you is just a bend in the neck and laying your head on my shoulder.

Yesterday we taught you how to hug with your arms.  We now say give me a squeeze and you use your arms and wrap them around our whole body, lay your head on our shoulder, and squeeze.  It is my favorite thing! And if we say, give me a hug, you still just lay your head on my shoulder.

Anytime you are hurt, you come running to me and say,, "kiss."  I give you a kiss right where you are hurt and you stop crying.  It is so sweet! I love that my kisses can cure!

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