Tuesday, April 22


This Easter was very special.  I think the main reason it was special for me was that I was focused only on our family gatherings and my easter talk in church.  It was nice focusing all on Christ and family. Holiday's like that are nice.  I need to take the fluff out of holidays more often!  

I am SO thankful for my mother and mother in law for making it a holiday and something fun to celebrate.  It wouldn't have felt special without their easter egg hunts and baskets.  It was so thoughtful and made my holiday stress free because of their fun plans.

25 years later, Taggart is wearing Brady's easter outfit. Only Linda can keep a white shirt white for that long.

 He has to have his ball, mitt, and bat in hand at all times.  This is right as we are packing up for our easter egg hunts and Tagg has to go grab all this before leaving the house.

And for my favorite easter picture......

Thanks for capturing Aunt Emi! I love the easter pastels, the green green grass, and off course that little one!

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Kelsie Peterson said...

I love all those cute pictures of the Easter hunt! What a fun spring day! Tagg is too cute in his Easter outfits.