Tuesday, April 22

Nana's birthday party

March 30th, my mom was having her birthday party down in St. George.  I was home in a blizzard.  I was complaining to Brady all week that I just couldn't be cold any longer.  Our house is always 60 degrees or below and I'm constantly in sweats, a hoodie, and a down parka.  

I was so ready to just feel warm.  To feel the sun. To be with my mom and celebrate her birthday. So I packed up the car and babe and traveled through the dark and snow to reach St. George.  It was a pretty bad drive and I would never do it again in that weather, but I made it and man was I happy I made the trek because it was relaxing, warm, and so nice to spend quality time with my mother on her special day.

We had some pool time!

Delicious old fashion treats

His date didn't go as well as he thought. 

Nana wanted to do Emerald pools hike in Zions for her birthday.  We loved the beautiful drive in and the shuttle ride through the whole canyon.  We waited for the rain to stop and made it up to the first Emerald pool.  It is such a beautiful hike. Especially seeing it fresh after a rain storm.

 Shoulder rides and shuttle rides

Singing and dancing in the rain.  This boy loved Nana's birthday adventure!

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emi said...

so glad you went! the goggle pic and that last pic are my faves.