Sunday, May 25

Beautiful California

We enjoyed a relaxing week in California. It doesn't get better than a coca cola classic in the sand.

Brady had just finished touring with Glady's Knight for 10 days through the south. He flew in from Texas.  Tagg and I flew in and met him in California.  It was a cute sight to get off the airplane and see Tagg sprinting to hug Brady.  Brady was sick the first few days and Disneyland somehow magically healed his sick little lungs and we got our Brady back.

We had so much fun playing in the sand and sometimes in the water when we were brave enough to face the cold. 

This is us competing in the family Olympics. Yoga, basketball, ping-pong, golf, beach soccer, and biking.  Emi and I got the gold in the 2 on 2 basketball.  We felt really good...until we played golf. 

Delicious BJ's pizookie.

Balboa's candy shop did not disappoint.  Taggart was in heaven with all the old fashion candy.  He sort of froze though.  I thought he would be grabbing handfuls of candy.  Instead he would take one little taffy from the bucket, look at me to make sure it was ok, and put it in his bucket.  We got my favorite little gummy hamburgers. Taggart loved them! of course.

I swear he spent 5 minutes trying to read the Beachcomber menu only to settle on three free packets of jam on the table-- with no bread. Just straight from a spoon.  We all lost our appetite and went back to laying on the beach.  Not really.  This place is incredible and we had the best breakfast.

We got to celebrate with Emi on a huge accomplishment completing her Masters degree. So fun to all be there for such a big day!

We got to celebrate Chase's awesome job at Google.  This Venice office is incredible.  So industrial and modern and beautiful!

If we weren't on the beach, we were in the pool.  If we weren't in the pool, we were cuddling baby Zach.

Babyators.  He hates these glasses! So pointless to pack.  He wore them for 2 minutes. So not like his mama.

Yummy watermelon poolside!

Lots of on-the-go stroller naps.

Reading, sleeping, and hanging out on the beach.  Great times!

We took family photos on the beach. There is no better setting! My roommate Stacy from BYU lives nearby and I got to catch up with her as she took our photos. She is incredibly talented and I can't wait to see the photos.  These are a few photos we snapped on the iPhone.  And Taggart was by far the worst behaved through the photo session.  I thought my husband was bad, but my child is 100 times worse. They both just love to be moving!

I am so glad I have this picture because this will be my first and last experience paddle boarding in the ocean.  I saw two sharks! I was paddling towards a rock so it got pretty shallow with a lot of seaweed.  I start turning around and look down and see two sharks eating seaweed a foot below me.  I was freaked out.  I was shaking and paddling as fast as I could to the shore. I am still alive and no bites out of my body but I will never do that again.  

This trip was hard because it marked our last vacation with Mike and Linda before they head to South Africa to be mission presidents. I am so lucky to have amazing in laws and grandparents to Taggart. 

It's never fun to pack up and leave 24/7 family time and the beach.  It's just not fair good things have to come to an end.

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