Tuesday, May 13

Brady's Birthday

Big 28 for Brady! We had a fun time celebrating all week for his birthday.  We got home from California the day before his birthday.  He hadn't been home for an entire month because of the southern tour with Glady's Knight and the family trip to California.  He was excited to be in his own bed!

These are Ruby Snap peanut butter cookies.  One of Brady's favorite.  We had dinner at CPK and almost had enough energy to try Rita's for ice-cream.  

Here are the pictures he took while on tour with Glady's.  Such a cool experience. He was sleeping in a bus and setting up a huge fireside every night in several southern chapels.  

...and if he wasn't exhausted enough from sleeping on a bus and loading huge equipment in and out of busses and churches, Disneyland, our last hurrah Dunn family trip, or eating bacon layered food like the above photo. He would definitely be exhausted by running the Ogden Marathon the next week.  And try for his personal best.

...and he did it! His personal record.  I was so impressed with him! He was running 6 to 7 minute miles the entire 26.2.  He finished with a 3:06 time which is so awesome! The unfortunate part is he would have loved to qualify for Boston and he was a minute short.  That made the PR bittersweet.

He is an incredible runner! and if I didn't like him around the house so much and was more supportive of his long runs, he would be the first guy across the finish line.  

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