Saturday, May 24


The classic Disneyland photos. 

I can't over those cute little bums!

Woody was a hit! Our favorite character for sure. Taggart tells the whole story with his minimal two year old language skills about meeting "Whoody." He acts out the bones by putting his two fists together, he does the fist explosion, and then the scuba move just like Woody did.  It is so cute.

The big kids go for a ride! I love splash mountain and I love everyone's face in this.

Chase was so great with his knowledge of Disneyland.  He made sure we all had fast passes and hit every ride in Disneyland.

Taggart checking out the real Mickey Mouse.

The classic rides.  
Walt Disney's favorite ride-the carousal
my favorite ride-Storybook Land by night
and Taggart's favorite ride--Utopia Cars 
 He laughed the entire ride and said again, again, again.  And every time we ask. "what was your favorite ride at Disneyland?," he says "cars."

Mickey's house

These tan sandals walked 8 miles of Disneyland.

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