Sunday, June 15

He's TWO

This is Taggart's all time favorite book.  
One of the many things I love about being a mom is planning cheesy kid parties. 
 The dog in this book starts out eating a donut, gets thirsty and wants apple juice, throws an apple and thinks of baseball, all ending with him eating another donut. So we planned the party around this ADD dog.

Reading before all our friends arrive.

And eating all the donuts before our friends arrive.  

I love this picture of Tagg leading the party to the baseball diamond.

We made teams and had a scoreboard for our Dogs vs. Donuts baseball game (mainly made to reserve the baseball diamond from all the park goers).

Brady and I always say this baseball diamond has to have the world record for most beautiful backdrop.  I mean who couldn't hit a home run looking at Mt. Olympus?

On to our hot dogs, apple juice, and donuts.  
This menu doesn't make sense unless you read the book.

Kevin is the girl master and chef.  Somehow every party he ends up whipping up the food. He helped us serve amazing home-made jdawgs complete with the special sauce, banana peppers, onions, and fancy topping that of course Nana pulled together effortlessly.  Brady took it from there and served up the party.


Time for cake!

I love seeing little Madison helping blow out the candles!

He opened every gift with his hand crafted pirate sword from his hero next door, Robb.

And Robb brought Tagg a homemade candle in a can.  The flame was huge!

His big gifts were a play kitchen and a new bike!
 Hint hint boy: I hope you love to help me cook good food and your dad and grandparents hope you love to bike! You will be one well rounded boy.

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Kelsie Peterson said...

This was the best party ever! I love how you documented all of it.