Saturday, July 26

Jackson for the 24th


We drove into Jackson as the sun was setting. It was hazy from fires. There were so many buffalo.  Tagg wanted to run after the buffalo.  He kept saying, "lets go get em." 

It was hard being in Colter Bay this year without Mike and Linda.  This is their tradition and brought so many memories back of being up here together.  We laughed when the water was choppy and the weather was windy and the mountains looked hazy.  We said it wouldn't be right if it was glassy and perfect weather without Mike and Linda here.  Even though we failed at camp cooking, and some trip planning details without the help of Linda, we still made the most of it and made some great 24th of July memories.

These things happened daily.  Tagg saying, "Whit let me play in Zach's bed." 
Taking an airplane "trip" around the hilly loop and bawling hysterically at the end of the hill because they had to hike back up to camp.

Lots of good food and lots of meal these eggs made in a borrowed saucepan, left untouched by a delicious half eaten sucker.

Brady made blueberry pancakes...mixed up perfectly in a Nalgene bottle

We gave up one morning and fed the children chocolate donuts.

Buffalo burgers with a very ornery server. It didn't ruin our meal and we got a discount for putting up with her.

Brady's solution to Taggarts tantrums.  He called it a dip head.  Tagg loved it.  He begged for another dip head every time....and the tantrums stopped for a few minutes!

Good looking skiers

Fun group of boaters

Good looking campers

We made it to swan lake

and we made it to Cowboy church. 

The most amazing lake beneath incredibly gorgeous mountains.

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emi said...

i LOVE this! it just made me feel like i was there in a tiny way :)
thanks for documenting..(and blogging while we all group texted!) i love every picture of course...and especially the bare baby bum with the life jacket! love you and love jackson!