Saturday, July 26

July Weekends

Kelsies Birthday hike up to Donut Falls.  Such a perfect hike for little ones and fun to have something so scenic at the end.  Tagg and Rhett wanted to walk the whole way and Nats kept saying "conquer" every time we came to a big rock.  It got them hiking faster and more excited for every rock. They started copying her and saying conquer in the cutest deep-tough baby voice. 

Pineview Reservoir with the Wags

Natalies boyfriend left for Chile so we made him a good luck sign in the middle of the road.  We tried to make the Chile flag but we ran out of the right colors. 

Rhett had a sleepover and Tagg was on cloud nine!

Walks to the park. See's candy.Tub time.Monsters Inc. and sleeping in the same tiny bed

And Talmage is moving in the basement for three months.  My family has been spread out for 4 years and suddenly I have my Texas sis two blocks down from me and my Tennessee brother under my roof till they find a place.  

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