Thursday, July 17

Missionary goodbye's

Sending off Yaya and Papa for their three year mission in South Africa.

I couldn't believe how Tagg understood what was happening.  With everyone tearing up, he sensed something serious was happening and yelled papa/yaya as we walked out of the airport and the entire drive home.  He was so sad.  It made Brady and I cry even harder to see our little one hurt so much.  As we walked away from yaya and papa, he said every word that he knew correlated with sadness.  He said "Ouch, I hurt, I hurt, I hurt.  No no no no no.  My arm hurts. My head hurts." It was so sad!

Watching my in-laws leave on their mission made me have so much more respect for missionaries.  Missionaries leaving grand babies that will double in size and age. 18 year old missionaries who bravely leave absolutely everyone they know and hop on a plane all alone.  Missionaries who save their entire life and use that life savings to preach the gospel.  I couldn't possibly do it! But I feel grateful to belong to one amazing church where people willingly leave all their life comforts to spread the good word.

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emi said...

this killed me all over again!!! you are so cute to capture it all. glad the goodbyes are over!!