Monday, September 8

Labor Day Ranch Trip


Biggest splash off the bridge contest. Ronnie wins after throwing boulders in and splashing us all the way up on the bridge.

Tagg requested these sculpture pictures.  We were laughing at the people posing and taking pictures and then Tagg said, "I want a picture." These will entertain him one day.

Thinking of papa bear in front of an enormous grizzly in Jackson.

Fishing Party

Rootin' tootin' lunches lives on.  Nana squirting the kiddos with a water gun before they get their sack lunch.


Johanna said...

Cutest family ever!

Darren Lanphere said...

I just love reading posts of family adventures like that. A trip to the ranch is a seemingly fitting adventure for the whole family to bond. The children really seem like they had the most fun. Hahaha! Here's to more fun family trips like that this year! Thanks for sharing that, Mindy! All the best! :)

Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group