Sunday, September 7

Summed up Summer

This boy got his first gentleman's cut.

We hiked Alexander Basin

Lots of running and biking for Brady

Endless smoothies

Cousin time

Cheney got married

Double rainbow

Incredible crop of peaches this year!

This is a dumb barney picture but Tagg is obsessed with this picture. 

Snowbird coster ride in the rain

We tried out Cowabunga Bay. Actually really fun!

Bobber the clown from the 24th of July parade

Zoo days with friends

Bees ball game franks and cotton candy in the park

Boating days
hiking days

We got to see Wicked!

Rex got baptized 

Matching jammy party

We had our 10 year high school reunion at Snowbird. So fun seeing everyone in such a beautiful venue.

We helped Natsy move and make her apartment feel like home.

We celebrated our 6th year anniversary at Cheesecake Factory downtown.  Brady had a project go till 10:00pm so we celebrated very late, by ourselves on the beautiful new patio. We couldn't let September 4th slip by without doing something memorable.

Madison had a very fun princess birthday party.

Football season has started so that means fall is here. Goodbye summed up summer.

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emi said...

how am i expected to handle that first pic....??