Friday, October 17

October Highlights

Brady translated conference. Such a neat opportunity for him and the people of Pohnpei.

Me and Tagg eating goldfish in bed as we watch conference. and my very inspiring notes. Sunday morning session will need to be reviewed for me.

I re-upholstered the ottoman during Saturday conference.  Tagg hammered the tan twill herringbone we first upholstered this coffee table in. This is my second go at the ottoman and I bet I will be doing it again in two years.

sweatshirt and cozy fire weather is here

we hate our ugly rose bushes but love when we can have fresh cut flowers ready in minutes for the arrival of a new niece

Baby Ruby Jane is here safe and sound.  I love her mom so much and am already dreaming of the fun we have ahead with this little girl in our life.

Sidewalk chalk and lots of laundry afterwards 

beautiful fall hikes up Millcreek

We started a neighborhood play group and there is not one girl these poor boys age.  We are missing two boys their age here so this is a very good neighborhood filled with friends for Tagg.

Gardner Village has been fun with Tagg this year.  He calls it the witches house. We have been on the scavenger hunt for the witches a few times and he can't get over the piano witch. For some reason he just loved it.  Even over the witch riding a bike in the air.  The pillow jump was a good 2 hours of entertainment and he will never forget holding the baby bunny.

We had a really fun pumpkin patch party with the Smith side.  Yummy soup and beautiful pumpkins for all.


emi said...

i looked through all of these pictures TWICE because i loved them so much. so much happiness in one post! you are a babe in each picture and tagg is getting cuter by the minute...brady is okay too :)

your conference notes made chase and i laugh out loud! haah LOVE you.

Linda Dunn said...

Mindy-Please keep posting. It is such a fun way to see more of Tagg's everyday activities. I love these pictures so much. I like that he loves Gardner Village. Millcreek Canyon in the fall is a sight for sore eyes. Love you darling girl!!!