Saturday, November 1

Cookie Party and Millfreaks

Canyon Rim Park puts on quite a fun halloween party called Millfreaks.  We enjoyed the bounce house and slide, the pumpkin drop where the fireflighters dropped a dozen pumpkins from their highest ladder. We loved the skeleton tattoos that made bathing a battle.  Tagg did not want his tattoos to get wet and come off so we battled bathing for a good two weeks.

We came home and decorated sugar cookies.  The kids sat for one minute and admired the halloween shapes and colors.  Ate one cookie and ran off to the tramp.  More for us adults to decorate. It was a blast.

I loved seeing my husband chatting it up with my sisters and mom as he helped decorate.  I married well!

The after math was a beautiful colorful mess.


emi said...

so fun! love his tat haha.
the cookie party is darling, love that butcher paper labeling!!!


Linda Dunn said...

You know how to make every holiday festive and fun. Loved seeing Brady frosting cookies with the girls!
Love you guys!!