Monday, November 10


We missed the cousin photoshoot. These kiddos looked so cute all together. And I love the cheesy grin Kev gave me as I took a picture of the Happy Halloweener bbq party. And Tals daddy dino suit was pretty awesome too!

Trick or treating.  Poor kid had to eat the candy right on the doorstep because he knew we would hide it. I have since put a jar of suckers out and found him less into sugar. So maybe seeing some supply lessens the demand?

Aunt Ann at the Wagstaff family party carrying on the Bony Legs tradition. 

This was our absolute favorite tradition. Our neighbors placed these two skeletons in the most creative poses and they changed poses everyday.  We walked by everyday if not twice a day.  I could get Tagg out of any tantrum if I just said, "What are the skeletons up to?"

And he loved this creepy front door.  I hated it.

 Carving pumpkins at Kels house
Yummy mummy pizza calzones
ghost pancakes and hash browns for breakfast 


emi said...

okay those yummy mummy calzones!!!! how are you that cute? i need to move back and get in on all your clever projects. also, the skeleton neighbors are hilarious! best idea ever. your mom's party is so cute and the halloween picture of you, brady and tagg is the CUTEST!!


Linda Dunn said...

Ok- cutest pictures ever. I loved the very first picture of Daniel Tiger "Tagg" under the tree in the park. Is he too cute. I agree with Em, that the skeletons are hilarious. I am going to copy that when I get home! Keep the pics coming. I cannot get enough.