Sunday, November 9

I already miss fall

Fall is not even over and I already want it all back. But I do take comfort that the beautiful snow is coming and that we are closer to meeting this new baby!

It rained all day and Tagg still begged to go to the utah game.  He wore an uncomfortable poncho and ate gummy worms the entire game.

This game started at 8:00pm.  Tagg saw kickoff and then started nodding off.

Brady had a week job in Memphis. He enjoyed the southern food and scenery.  Tal and Joh sent him a 5 page list of all the places to visit and I don't think Brady missed one.  One night I facetimed right as he ordered his rib dinner. He then told me it was the third place they had visited for dinner that night.  He came home and said it feels so good to be hungry. They ate well!  And he brought back a little Elvis figurine that Tagg loves.  Tagg has always loved the guitar but now having a cool guy in a glitter suit playing it makes the guitar even cooler. We taught him to sing, "You ain't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time." He is an elvis fan.  And he was such a good kiddo for me all week, we picked out a motorcycle toy that coincidentally fit elvis perfectly. He hasn't wiped that smile off his face....until Elvis's head popped off and we couldn't glue it back.  

We have loved getting the girls together on Wednesday's for lunch.  So nice to have everyone in Utah for awhile.

We got to visit Zach during his jaw surgery. We love him so much! To see him go through something so hard and smile and handle it so well made us love and adore him even more. And his amazing parents. He is one tough guy and Tagg insisted on bringing him a balloon.  I thought Tagg may have a hard time seeing Zach hurt but he kept saying, "I liked visiting Zachy in the hospital." And we loved getting some Madison time.  We got to take them to Scheels and ride the ferris wheel and see the animal displays.  They had a great time but we always had a prayer in our heart for little Zach recovering from such an intense surgery.


Linda Dunn said...

I can't believe how much I LOVE seeing these great pictures. Please keep it up. I love you all so much and can't beleive how fun it is to see these pictures. I loved the one at the game with Tagg sacked out.

emi said...

agreed with linny! ^^^^ BEST thing ever to see these sweet pictures. the one of you, taggie and zachie at the hospital is the sweetest ever -- and i love the selfie of brady and tagg! LOVE these pics!