Saturday, December 6

A St. George Thanksgiving

The girls drove off early to get everything ready for the Thanksgiving feast.  I get the privilege of driving so I don't get carsick and Tagg got the very back seat by himself! It was hilarious how good he was.  He was like a teenager back there.  Brady gave him treats that helped him get through the drive, we stopped for dipped cones at Dairy Queen, and they all took a good nap. No long stops or melt downs the whole way down. 

Nana bought this indian toy set that Tagg played with at least 5 hrs a day.  He could not get enough! And he ate his peanut butter toast as he played with the indians.  Richard also loved the indian set and  started playing with Tagg. Little did we know, Richard got some peanut butter on his lip from the indian and his lip swelled up so big.  He is that allergic. I felt so terrible! The more allergic reactions he has the more serious the allergy gets.  We swore off peanut butter on family trips from that moment on.

First we celebrated pomps birthday!

The kids loved the ice-cream cake, star balloons, and the kids meals delivered in little cardboard trains.  The adults loved the dinner spot and the Mockingjay movie. I also love seeing my dad and Addie enjoy a movie.  They are the biggest movie hater-critics. 

We ran a fun turkey trot 5k with the whole fam.  Tagg was so cute! He loved having a number pinned on and ran the first little stretch. He said his favorite thing about Thanksgiving was the race.  

I got to make the amazing fruit cocktail, my favorite part of the meal. The stuffing was out of this world! 

The kitchen crew and a little boy at the kids table ready for the feast.

Driving the kiddos safely to church. 
and we had to say goodbye to our beloved 4runner.
say hello to our new Murano. We love it so far.

Working off the turkey and Taggart even joined in.

Swimming, hiking, and razor rides.

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Linda Dunn said...

The food looks so good and what a fun holiday. I can't believe we didn't know about your new car. I love it and congrats on keeping the 4 runner for so long. The new car will be perfect for your bigger family!!!