Friday, December 26

Christmas Meadows Tree Hunt

This year it was mandatory I get to Christmas meadows because no where close had snow.  We hadn't seen now so I was excited to get the winter sledding and snow playing started.  It was amazing how warm it was.  No one needed gloves or hats.  It was such a beautiful day!

We've been friends since preschool and now our kids are too.

Cutest little sledders.  

We found our dream Christmas tree down a cliff by the river.  The boys hiked down the cliff with the saws and Sar and I stayed back with the kiddos to build a baby snowman.  

This is the magical moment when the tree is finally standing straight (thanks to rocks in the base and wire holding the star and top straight) and the lights are strung. I get so excited seeing and smelling pine in my living room knowing it will bring a lot of Christmas memories and togetherness. 

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