Saturday, December 6

Home for Thanksgiving

I loved our Thanksgiving pumpkins and turkey wreath and Tagg appreciated every decoration this year.  It made it 100x's more fun for me to have a little guy noticing the details.

Thanksgiving morning was spent at Taggarts second home.  The Websters had a delicious and festive  brunch that included Kneeders cinnamon french toast.  Tagg has a designated corner at their house with a cute kids chair and stool for a table.
We went to two movies Thanksgiving day. Big Hero 6 which was a darling kid show and Meet the Mormons that we are so late in catching.

Talmage is the professional chef in the fam.  He brought his southern cooking skills home to Stans orchard and fried up a Thanksgiving Turkey lunch.  It was amazing. The best turkey I have ever had. And so fitting to be eating it in the orchard with beautiful orange leaves everywhere.

The day after Thanksgiving, Brady helped with a neighborhood project.  They ripped off an old leaking roof and replaced it with a new roof.  Such a neat project.

We decked the halls and got the pull-out bed ready for Emi to come stay. We had so much fun having her stay in our home. I was amazed with her energy after coming straight here from India and being 13.5 hrs different.  She managed jet lag perfectly and had more energy then me managing busy little Tagg.

Our Thanksgiving feast with the Dunn clan.  Such a fun gathering. Complete with homemade pumpkin pie! 

Yummy food.  Even better company!


emi said...

i love all these pictures and loved this!!! THANKS for the best/coziest/most fun place to stay with breakfast and playing included! :)

and i am wanting that meal again...


Linda Dunn said...

This is so fun to see. I love every picture so much, especially little Tagg pics.