Saturday, December 6

Leaf Man

In play group we read Leaf Man and made leaf turkey's and leaf man.  The kids loved it.  Especially the goggly eyes.

Erin dropped off bags and bags of pink clothing. It still doesn't feel real we are adding a baby girl to this family.  I am so thankful for those around me always helping us out!

Watching the Ute game with Caleb in matching jerseys.  And Jeff and Emi facetimed after the game so we could see every Ute player glowing after their big win. 

We finally made it to costco and Tagg fell asleep.  I couldn't turn around and head home so I packed him up sleeping in the cart-with a pink blanket.  Oops.

Ruby cuddles.

Making all Tagg's "Worker guy" dreams come true.

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Linda Dunn said...

Mindy-These are the sweetest pictures. I love the play group and Leaf Man project. You are so clever and such a great mom.
Love you so much.