Sunday, January 18

California New Years!!


We were so excited to fly with Tagg.  He had been dreaming of this day for quite some time.  He kept saying, "I'll ask the lady for peanuts and rootbeer."

There is nothing like seeing the sand and ocean during the Utah winter months. It is the perfect time to get away.

Happy New Years Selfie! Goodbye 2014! Can't wait for what's ahead in 2015!

Thanks to these two, we had the most amazing week spending quantity and quality time together.

Kev is the cutest dad to baby William.  Tractor rides around the beach.

These two said goodbye to their legs and hello to mermaid/merman fins.

We found a long, thin piece of seaweed and it provided hours of entertainment.  If Tagg wasn't using it in his imaginary cooking, we were jump roping with it.

An ice-cream stop with a beach sunset is close to sitting in heaven right?

 and heavenly donuts! Yum! (Not this pink one but the other flavors where yum)

The kids loved feeding the birds. We laughed at Tagg because he would hand select which bird he wanted to feed and run after it saying, "here's some bread. Don't you want some bread?" as the bird flew away Tagg would cry and say, "the bird didn't want my bread." 
The next day Tagg had the reverse problem where a pesky duck came right up to him and took the bread right out of his hand. That's one thing Tagg keeps replaying from the trip.

Every one of these photos Tagg is playing like he's cooking something.  He has become quite the chef.  Every rock was a muffin.  Seaweed became noodles. He made sand pizza and was so offended if you didn't fake eat his food.

We loved the tide pools at Point Loma.  Such beautiful rock cliffed beaches and pools full of fun critters to watch.

If you look close, Tagg's pants are falling off. He was so good potty training on the trip. He got out of the swimming pool three times to go and didn't have one accident on the trip.

Sister playtime!

We made it to the San Diego temple.  Definitely one of my very favorite temples.  It was Natalie's first time seeing inside and she was definitely impressed.  It is by far my favorite celestial room and I also love the indoor garden that is always planted so beautifully. The Christmas lights were still up and their Nativity. It was fun to see the California temple square lights.

Playground time on a cold day!

He loved wrapping these oversized hand towels around his waist like his dad.

Beautiful views from Point Loma.  We could see into Mexico.

Brady watched the U game as we traveled home

We will be back beach. We WILL be back.

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