Friday, January 16

Christmas 2014

Christmas morning was the most magical Christmas I can remember.  We hadn't seen snow all year. We went to bed with yellow grass and grey skies.  We woke up to the most beautiful snow storm. We had inches covering the ground and watched a blizzard snow storm out the window all morning until Tagg woke up around 7:30 and more magic began.

Tagg was very clear about what he wanted for Christmas.  He wanted a tractor and worker guys.  He was so excited Christmas morning and said, "oh my gosh" about every present he opened. 

He even got excited about clothing I wrapped up.  He opened this shirt and said, "A shirt? For me?" in excitement.

Dad surprised us both and bought his first pair of skis.  
And fixed the fireplace.
Very fun gifts.

I love the Christmas lights at night!

A few times on Santa's lap. Both times requesting worker guys.

We made delicious gingerbread men and candy cane cookies.

Our delicious peppermint bark milkshakes for our Christmas Eve tradition.  I usually only make two but the little one was up late and joined us for his first year.  He LOVED it, no surprise.

Potty training Santa Claus.
It was actually really easy with Taggart. I thought I would be training him until March when the baby comes.  It was a good time to train him with Brady gone almost all of December. We were home a lot and able to cover the house in towels and sheets and clean messes without stressing out Brady who is king of clean.

Headed to Angie's in his lumber jack best.

Headed home from Angie's napping in his lumber jack best.

We made it to see the temple square lights.  This is always a highlight.

This was our first year seeing the live nativity.  We loved it and will now go every year.  The enormous camel was our favorite part. Besides seeing the grand event of the babe in the manger of course.

Our family live nativity.  Tagg was the cow this year and his part was darling.  Aunt Ann makes the cutest script and Tagg still has his part memorized.  He loved saying, "I gave baby jesus my manger that was just his size." I love this part of Christmas.

Christmas day dinner at Ginny's house.  So fun to Skype happy Travis and Mike and Linda on their missions.  

Tagg opened a beautiful South African Noah's arch while he facetimed yaya and papa.  He loves wearing jerseys so this South African rugby jersey has already got some good wearing. Including over christmas jammies and sometimes to bed.

Old spaghetti factory with the Dunn clan.

We loved the Grand America windows and the huge gingerbread house.

And my favorite Christmas picture....Brady in a santa hat giving reindeer rides to Tagg.  
Such a Merry Merry Christmas!!

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Linda Dunn said...

Please keep posting your pictures. It makes me feel like we were there. I absolutely love the naked Santa!