Saturday, January 17


LEGOLAND with the cousins.  

This was Tagg's favorite part of Legoland.  The whole movie set was set up and had glass walls around the entire thing.  Tagg inched along with his nose against the glass and would not miss a single lego.  It was so cute to watch. He didn't move once he came to the construction site.

This was my favorite part of Legoland.  Getting a sprite to settle my sick pregnant stomach and tasting their Granny Apple Fries. Seriously amazing! Apples dipped in whip cream with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.  You can't go wrong with that combo. I must be pregnant.

Tagg was so brave on these two rides.  This top one is like the rocket and the bottom was a fast plane ride that he rode on without me or Brady by his side.

Waiting in line for the lego boat. Very similar to Disneyland's Safari boat ride. Only the animals are made of thousands of lego pieces.

This was Taggart's favorite ride.  Watching these two try and maneuver their lego cars around the track was so entertaining. It was more like bumper cars for these two and the workers looked very annoyed at our 2.5 year olds that lied and said they were 3 so they could drive the cars.

Roller coaster and 3D movie

Another highlight for Taggart was meeting Emmett the huge worker guy! 

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Linda Dunn said...

Love seeing Tagg at such a fun place. Love the worker guy with little Tagg!