Thursday, February 26

Goodbye to Nanners and Hello to Sister Wagstaff

Our last girls night with Natalie was so special.  Everyone made it to dinner and a session at the Oquirrh Mountain temple.  We all commented on how strong the spirit was that night.  It was so beautiful to look down the row and see every one of my sisters worthy, willing, and actively believing.  We had fun but we all commented that we didn't really like the reason we were all gathered because selfishly we wanted Natalie with us and not leaving. In reality we all know it will bless her life to serve a mission. 
Kels and I traded temple dresses because Kels had a more "maternity" style dress that she was sure she had used 7 months pregnant.  I told her to zip me up. The next thing I heard was not the best sound in the world.  The zipper started splitting and no one could get me out of that dress.  We sat and laughed and laughed as I was stuck in this broken dress.  This temple doesn't rent clothing so the workers scrambled through lockers to find me a dress.  I somehow found a way out of Kels broken dress and into a new one making everyone very late for our session.  It was definitely a funny start to the evening. 
I made Nats a first week survival kit. Lots of letters and her favorite treats when she was a little one. Like baby bottle pops, bubble tape, push pops and jaw breakers. That will give her a little laugh each night.

The farewell desserts.  I made the classic meltaway cookies in the texas flag colors. These cookies remind me of Angie and every family party growing up.

The dreaded airport scene....waaaahwaaaahwaaaah!!! Lots of tears. I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

Their last ugga mugga

A big hug to last 18 long months.  This bump will be her walking talking niece when she returns. waaahwaaahwaaaah


Linda Dunn said...

Love the "hugga mugga" with Tagg. This is so tender.

emi said...

That last picture kills me! So tender! Love you Minds!!