Thursday, February 26

Snow Days and Slow Days

January-you won't be missed but we sure do love the snow and ski days!

First trial:gumbi legs and harness
Second trial: hold on to pole and fall forward
Third trial: magic carpet ride and bunny hill
Fourth trial: ready for Peruvian with a bungie 
Fifth trial: too tired to try
Never too tired for fries!
Cute big skis teaching those little skis how to ski

Skiing with Steele and Ben
First stop off the slopes: 7-11 for a chocolate donut and green smoothie drink

Beautiful Neff's canyon over the Christmas holiday.  I forgot to put these in my Christmas post and they just have to make the scrapbook so they are going in here.  It definitely qualifies for a snow day.  Lots of hiking and sledding.

These count for the slow days....

Cleaning up Christmas. These two put on their full uniform to get the tree out of the house and vacuum up the pine tree needles.  Tagg was in worker guy heaven.  He was so amazed his dad had a vest and hard hat.



Lots of Utah games and Utah name memorization 

Ferris Wheel Selfie. Tagg looks so dang cute.  I love that happy face!

Stocking up on groceries

Making carseat canopies for baby girl
Reorganizing the whole house. Mainly lots of toys to organize.  Both Brady and I said, "Now lets get the Kragle." A line from Lego movie we had just watched indicating spraying everything with super glue so it doesn't move.

 And last but not least we spent the month praying for a dear friend Mary who lost her beautiful two year old.  Taggart prays for angel Marjorie and her mom and dad.  Taggart loved making this footprint angel for her.  I can't imagine life without Taggart and I've spent the month grieving what Mary has to go through. She is one tough woman and I can't think of anyone stronger to go through a trial like this.  We talked with her dad at the viewing and he said it perfectly-Mary is a rock and she is going to make it through this with flying colors.

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Linda Dunn said...

I loved every single photo and thank you for posting this and letting us see all these fun pictures. I love that I can copy them and make framed pictures here of the cutest family in the world.