Saturday, February 28

Sun Valley

We made it to Sun Valley!!!!
Brady was worried we wouldn't with my driving and contractions. He was a great critic/drivers ed teacher the whole way. It was magical to finally see a lot of beautiful, white snow. We haven't had snow at home this winter so the trip was a much needed snow trip. And each of us had the perfect set up. Brady had an active friend to ski with, I had a pregnant mom to chat with, and Tagg had a BF to play with all weekend long.

We had sledding days.

Swimming days

Gondola days in the wind

We knew a big storm was coming because of the 40 mile an hour winds at the top of Mt. Baldy.  Brady somehow got us a ride up to check out the restaurant and take the kiddos site seeing. It was a magical night.

Yummy food and in town days

and not enough ski days....

The boys right as they loaded the bus.  I turned the corner and got a call from Brady saying, "The race is canceled, come pick us up." I started to laugh and think, did you forget your water bottle, ski poles or hat? He is such a trickster. But it was the truth. The Bolder Mountain Tour was canceled because of avalanche danger. We were all very disappointed!

We decided to drive up the course and see what avalanche danger we could see. Police were lining the street but letting skiers ski and snowmobilers play.  I somewhat pulled over to chat with the policeman to get more details.  He told us it rained all night and froze with a large layer of soft snow so the race just couldn't possibly be pulled off.  He then mentioned that next time I pull over to put my blinker on. The whole trip Brady was critiquing me, so to have the policeman mention this was hilarious.  Brady immediately said, "Sir do not critique her driving. She is a very good driver." We laughed and I said, "Sir, I was planning on driving up ahead and you waved me over so I wasn't sure if I had to stop. That's why the blinker wasn't on." He said, "Excuse me? I did what??" We all had a good laugh that instead of thanking him for the advice, I took him on!

One very fun trip with the Swensons!


emi said...

hahaha love all the driving jokes!! so crazy it was canceled but glad you cuties had fun! love the hot tub pic of you three.

Linda Dunn said...
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Linda Dunn said...

I relate to this post. Love all the memories there with you guys and so glad you would return. You made it so fun, even with the BMT cancelled. Brady got that back seat driving from his father!:) It has been the source of laughs/fights here in South Africa:)