Thursday, February 26


We woke up to our doorbell ringing and this valentine on the porch.  We saw the playmobil toy and immediately knew it was the Websters.  The girls work at Red Ballon and know Tagg so well.  He loves Davy Crockett, Indian Jones and any type of "guy" so this toy was not put down for 48 hrs.  And fruit snacks!

 Brady and I decided we would make Valentines a day we spoil the family with LOVE and then find a babysitter and restaurant on a calmer night to celebrate our LOVE.  So we got Taggart some shoes and rootbeer and his favorite part -the balloon.  We wrote love messages on the mirrors and made our favorite favorite favorite treat! Chocolate covered strawberries and delivered them to loved ones.  Taggart kept saying all week, "Mom what do we dip the strawberries in? And then what do we sprinkle on after?" He totally knew but loved hearing me talk about dark chocolate and white chocolate and sprinkles.  He is such a treat man!

Beautiful warm weather for walks. It has been the warmest/calmest February I can ever remember.

Setting up baby girls room!!!! in our room????? We will see how long this lasts

And practicing holding baby girls! of course in matching cheetah.

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Linda Dunn said...

Love the pictures of the nursery with the darling pregnant mom!! Looks like a basketball in front.