Friday, March 27

Last Month as a Family of Three

Our last date night getting a babysitter for just one kid. 
We headed up the canyon to our favorite restaurant Steak Pit. 
We had a lot to celebrate that night-Valentines (because we took Tagg out for Vday dinner), Brady's big work job being completed perfectly, and a new baby coming any day!

When Brady didn't come home from work because of his big work project one night, Tagg would not let me set the table for just us two.  He put out three fruit snacks to mark our places and kept asking "Where is dad? It's dinner time." I am so glad we have built a dinner tradition where we all sit down together without media and eat.  Even Tagg will sit and talk with us even if he hates the food.

The last month of pregnancy, I was getting antsy thinking about birthing this huge watermelon. I tried to stay flexible by doing yoga because the image of birthing Tagg with my legs in stirrups for hours trying to open my pelvis haunted my mind. This little guy would either join in or just take over my mat.  

My mom and I decided to go get pedi manis.  For some reason I wanted Tagg to be with us.  He behaved perfectly.  It was so cute.  He would wander back and forth between me and my moms lap and sit and watch them work on our feet and hands.  He read us books, watched TV and the best part was for the first time in his entire 3 yr old life, he let me cut his toenails while he was awake.  

We saw so many people walking past the nail salon.  We found out a new sandwich deli moved in.  We tried the Turkey Rueben that was out of this world incredible. It was a fun day to be pampered and well fed.

I had to document ward ball. 
 Every night the week before I gave birth, we were in the gym watching Brady play.  Once again, they made it to the region championship game but ended up losing. One big heartbreak of a game but awesome they made it so far.  It was nice to have something every night to be honest.  My mind was so consumed in birthing this child, I liked having a distraction.

3D movie at the aquarium.  
Watching the kids was hilarious. Any time something would pop out of the screen, the kids would duck their heads or put their hands up to stop the object from hitting them.

The lego event was another highlight.  We saw national monuments built out of legos all over Fashion place mall.  There was a fun play area for the kiddos.  Tagg and Rhett built lego cars and then raced them down the race track.

Lots of days on the tramp. This time he put his basketball in his shirt and said, "mommy, I have a baby in my tummy." 

                                          Our last Utah home game.  Buzz lightyear came.

Jazz game with the 3 yr olds and their dads.

Playground days. I was doing the stairs next to them to induce labor.  Tagg would say, "Mom, you doing your exercises?" I felt like such an old lady hearing that.


emi said...

hahha so much to love here!!

love the three fruit snacks he set out! and your yoga top :) wish i could have seen them at the 3D movie, soo funny!

Linda Dunn said...

I love seeing all your posts. Please know there is one yaya that lives and breathes for these pictures form afar.
Love you all-

Linda Dunn said...

I love seeing all your posts. Please know there is one yaya that lives and breathes for these pictures form afar.
Love you all-