Friday, March 27

Little Lydia Delivery

 We had the date set for induction.  3.12.15.
 I could not sleep all night.  I was so nervous for the pain but mainly excited to meet my daughter for the first time. The hospital was planning on calling at 5:00am so I could check in at 6:00am.  No call came and Brady and I sat anxiously in bed wondering how we would fill the time from 6:00 to 9:00 when we could call them.  We decided we couldn't wait.  I dialed up the hospital line they told us not to call till 9:00 but we called at 7:00 anyway. They said be here at 8:15. 

ahhhh....check in time

We checked in at 8:15am with the worlds cutest nurse by our side.  Candie was wonderful.  She got us all situated and on pitocin till about 11:30am. We got on the phone with our two friends recovering upstairs who had delivered two days earlier. So crazy to have three moms living doors apart in the hosptial at the same time. Candie went the extra mile and delivered our gifts to their recovery rooms.  A resident came and broke my water...that was awesome....yuck....I was dilated to a 5 and contractions started getting stronger.  Carissa and Brad heard we had checked in and came down to our delivery room and we got to chat with them about everything.  It was so nice to have them there and keep my mind off what I thought was going to be the longest most painful day of 2015. As we chatted, I noticed contractions getting stronger and more painful.  Carissa and Brad took off and I asked for an epidural around 12:30. I was terrified because of the many failed attempts with Tagg's delivery but way more terrified of going natural.  In walked the nicest old man I have ever seen.  He had me lay down instead of sit up and the epidural worked like a charm. 

It was 12:45 now and the nurse guessed we would deliver around 4:30. {we both thought, ya right.  They told us the same time frame with Taggart and 22 hours and 4 hrs of pushing later we got him.  We thought for sure this baby would arrive early morning of Friday the 13th} Brady decided it was lunch time and same with dear Candie. They went down to the cafeteria. I made Brade slip me some chocolate while the nurses were gone.  I got out my book and started reading.  I read a paragraph and started to feel major pressure.  I was certain that pressure was a little baby's head so I rang the nurse and said I feel like I need to push.  She said we haven't even checked if you are fully dilated. She quickly checked and started freaking out.  "You are fully dilated my dear. You have no cervix left and I need to get the doctor here. " I started freaking out and said," I need to get my husband here."

I called Brades answer.  I sent this text. SAY GOODBYE TO CHEESEBURGER AND HELLO TO BABY. FULLY DILATED, ABOUT TO PUSH, AND DOC BEAT YOU HERE. no response.  {he doesn't have service I find out later} One more call as the entire room has turned upside down with 5 new people, a delivery table, stirrups, equipment flying out of the ceiling, and the mirror. The nurse finally gets on the hospital intercom and starts paging, "Brady Dunn to labor and delivery," when I finally get him on the phone. I put it on speaker and say." get here now." He sounds like he doesn't believe me so my doc starts talking saying, "Hi Brady, it's Sam, if you want to see this baby's birth I would start running."

He arrived short of breath and I will never forget the look in his eyes.  He looked shocked, surprised, and terrified.  I thought,"this is my support team?" The whole room had switched moods in a matter of minutes.  He left me reading a book, sneaking chocolates and came back to me sprawled out ready to birth with a whole team of nurses and doctors ready for this babe.  

He was hilarious making everyone in the room laugh. 
"This is just another ordinary day in the office for you guys....
This is just wild.... 
You all have iron stomachs.....
 How do you do this all day?.....
 I'm going to faint."......
I wish I filmed him pacing the room trying to look some place that would make him comfortable. 
Sam finally looked at him and said, "Give him some alcohol." He replied,"That is exactly what I need," jokingly.
They were serious and handed him some alcohol swabs and said sniff this. He must have looked real bad!

My mom was also part of my support team. She expected a late afternoon arrival so she was home busily cooking lunch and entertaining Taggart. When she got my text, she could not contain herself.  She said she completely forgot how to make boxed mac and cheese, she didn't make it to the bathroom, and felt so happy I delivered so fast and not sad she wasn't there. 

7 minutes of pushing and an incredible miracle happened. Little 7.5 lbs 20inch Lydia was in our arms at 1:00pm.  I could not believe my eyes.  We had a beautiful, dark haired baby girl that I instantly loved so much. I had to see her and hold her to believe I really get to raise a baby girl.  What a dream come true!   

The trophy mug.  Brady was laughing at me and how excited I was about the trophy mug.  I said "don't let me forget to take that home."  He laughed and said, "if you do, I will buy you one for $1.00 on amazon."


emi said...

HAHA oh my i LOVE this! hearing the backstory is the best, brady's comments made me laugh out loud! so glad he made it and even more glad SHE made it!! love her and love you guys!!!!!

emi said...

HAHA oh my i LOVE this! hearing the backstory is the best, brady's comments made me laugh out loud! so glad he made it and even more glad SHE made it!! love her and love you guys!!!!!

Linda Dunn said...

Mindy and Brady-
I love this and am so happy to hear all the details. I love the additional pictures I have not seen yet. I just love this little girl and love you all so much.