Wednesday, April 1

Coming Home

We have a DAUGHTER!
who gets to come home with us!

It felt weird to get out of my hospital gown and into shoes and layers of clothes.  It also felt weird to see Lydia in clothes for the first time.  All I had seen her in were the footprint swaddle blankets and white knit hats. This outfit was from my mom.  So dang cute.  It came from Childrens Hour. The cutest store.  A baby in a sweater just kills me. And pink!! Awe so fun! The hair?! So Kramer!

I will never forget walking in to my house and seeing beautiful fresh blossoms from the orchard, tiny pale pink roses, welcome Lydia signs, and pink carnations on my nightstand.  That was such a gift that I instantly knew my mom was behind. Fresh flowers and that smell just makes everything feel so clean and beautiful. My mom had stocked the fridge with all our favorite foods, made our bed, and cleaned the house.  My dad brought our favorite dinner from Citris Grill and sat down with us for dinner.

Even with all that and the beautiful setting in my home, I couldn't keep the tears from flowing. We left the hospital within 24 hrs so we could pay cash and not use our terrible insurance.  I was all about saving but then the minute I was home, I got so sad how fast it all went.  Now I was home and had to balance my attention between Taggart and Lydia and dishes and laundry and I just wasn't ready for that. I wanted to focus on this new relationship and new person in my life. I had 5 days in the hospital with Taggart and by the end of our stay, I was so ready to be out of the hospital. This time around I just got emotional.  I felt like I had soaked it all up the first delivery, but with Lydia, time was just slipping away and I wouldn't be able to soak up the newborn cuddles and 100% attention on the new addition. Brady and my mother assured me they would help with all the side stuff so I could give Lydia a lot of attention.  And it worked.  I fully got wrapped up in her sweet new spirit in our home as they took care of all the dirty work.  It was magical! And SO much better than being in the hospital.   

Dinners and gifts have been pouring in.  We have been so spoiled! I will always remember bringing Lydia home to nights of guests visiting and meals from people we love most.We felt so much love and once again, so happy to be in our home and not the hospital!

                                                         Family of FOUR!!! pinch me!


emi said...

obviously loving ALL of this! and the new header!! :)


Linda Dunn said...

I love your honest feelings about coming home and wanting more precious newborn time. Your darling mom makes it all work. I love the pictures of the flowers and the meals.