Monday, April 13

Easter! Our first holiday with two kids

Easter is my favorite holiday besides Christmas. I love celebrating the holidays with deep spiritual meaning.  And the time of year is definitely something to celebrate.  It is absolutely beautiful with all the blossoms, tulips, and greenery coming back to life.

Johanna took some beautiful easter photos for us. Tagg was in the silliest mood and also doing the potty dance so we got all sorts of poses from him. The green suit was a bit more snug and we saw a lot more thigh this year but I loved getting two years of use out of the cutest outfit Linda saved. What a treasure.

Lydia's basket was full of soft plush bunnies and bunny slippers from Ginny in the hospital. And her first raggedy ann paper doll!  Tagg had a toy chicken and all his favorite treats. Such a treat guy! We had so much fun with the book basket.  We read bunny books all month.

It took us a while to find where the bunny hid the baskets. 

Taggarts nursery teacher is incredible. She made this huge conference basket with all sorts of activities that made watching conference so enjoyable with him.

The websters doorbell ditched the cutest play mobile toys. And their easter outfits looked so cute hung out ready for the next day.

Coloring eggs with the Swensons. The two newborns were hanging out in the front room.

     carissa even bought me a cake to celebrate my bday. and tagg was loving their dress ups.

This guy got all dressed up and went to the conference center to translate some of the sunday session into Pohnpeian.

amazing waffle breakfast at nanas. I got to make the batter.  I'm getting picky with waffles.


emi said...

the 2 hanging outfits are my favorite part!!!

Linda Dunn said...

I love all of these pictures and plan to copy them and frame in the mission home! You make us feel so close through these great photos.
Darling! Darling! Darling!