Wednesday, April 1

Hospital visitors

My mom and dad were Lydia's first visitors. So comforting having loved ones filling an empty hospital room. I took a nap and found my mom had brought Mike and Linda all the way from South Africa. It was hilarious to wake up to two huge cardboard cutouts in a photoshoot with my baby. I think it was a hospital first.  All the nurses were loving it!

It was so nice having Carissa in the hospital the same week even though she delivered 5 weeks early.  She helped me through some rough contractions and kept my spirits up by visiting our room often.  This experience made her feel like a sister to me.
Brady picked up Tagg from Kelsie and slept at our house. We didn't want him to feel abandoned. He said Tagg was whimpering in his sleep all night so he pulled him in bed with him and he slept in till 9:00am!
 Lydia had a scary choking/purple in the face episode that made me not want to be alone all night.  The nurses pumped her stomach assuring me it wouldn't happen again but my mom overheard my fears and volunteered to sleep on the pull out hospital bed.  She had no notice, toothbrush, or pj's but saw my need and filled it.  What a mother.

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Linda Dunn said...

I love these pictures and more insight to the special first days. So glad you captured visitors and thanks to your mom, I was so glad to be there!:)