Monday, April 13

One more great year of my 20's

I am sad to only have one more year in my twenties.
These have been incredible years.

I graduated for college.
I lived in Jerusalem for a summer.
I couldn't wait to see my high school crush come home from his mission.
I worked for the family business.
I got an awesome interior design job.
I got an awesome pattern making job.
I got another awesome interior design job.

I became a wife!
I changed my last name and became a Dunn.
I found an apartment we made home in the sweetest old mans basement.
I ran my first marathon and first triatholon.
I had a crazy eye injury needing 6 surgeries. I vowed the next time I was in the hospital was to give birth.

I became a mother.
I had a son!
I found a new dimension of my heart and a whole new meaning of the word love.
We bought our first house.
I painted the entire house. Crazy woman.
I miscarried.
I got pregnant.
I became a mother to another.
I have a daughter!

ALL that in my twenties.  I couldn't ask for a better decade.  20's were good to me.  I hope to have one more year of great great memories!

I woke up feeling years younger on my birthday. Brady had managed the newborn night schedule and gave me the first night of 8 hrs sleep in 3 weeks. He then had energy to hang the congrats grad sign because he couldn't find the birthday banner. Maybe he's telling me I've graduated from the night shift.

Fun gifts! Even from South Africa.

I am so impressed with Lydia's selfie skills.  Looking straight at the camera? Then smiling? What?

My mother took me to Citris Grill breakfast.  Delicious! Terrible service.  They don't like kids. New spring jacket and new shirt

These beautiful flowers showed up on my birthday!

We tried the frozen lemonade at chick-fil-a for lunch...we forgot Lydia in the crib at home! Haha ya right. she is asleep next to Brady.  The teenager taking our photo didn't know I wanted the whole family in the picture.
we are pretty happy because it's our FIRST date night in a month!
and FIRST free moment without our TWO kiddos!

cheesecake lettuce wraps for the win



emi said...

you look so cute with those lettuce wraps! cheesecake factory model! cutest birthday girl i know, and you don't look a day over 18. love you so much and you have had the most amazing 20's being selfless and darling and talented through it all. love you sis!!

Linda Dunn said...

I love your list of amazing milestones this decade. I hope you can add a trip to South Africa to add a finale event to your second decade. Love you so much!!