Monday, April 13

Surprise shower for Lydia

This gal feels like my blood sister not my sis in law.  She had the bright idea to host, plan, and gather a beautiful baby shower for Lydia...and it was a surprise. 

I had a tip that a shower might happen so I said Brady if you ever hear of Kels and Whit surprising me with a shower you have to tell me! I am so terrible with surprises so pinky swear you will tell me if you know about anything.  He said something like, "don't flatter yourself. It's not going to happen and I will let you know if I hear anything about it."

So one Friday Whit planned to have Tagg over for a playdate.  That morning I drove to American Fork to buy a double stroller.  The drive was long and Tagg was tired and had a runny nose.  I got the stroller at 11:00 and Tagg fell asleep.  I put him in his bed and he slept till 1:00.  Brady came home from work and made lunch. I told him I didn't know what I should do about the playdate with Whit because he seemed sick falling asleep at 11:00 and still asleep when I was suppose to be at Whits.  Brady came up with this most believable story. He said, "I was just talking to Jeff last night after the Utes game and he really thinks they are moving away so they want the cousins together as much as possible." That broke my heart. I thought that needed to happen for sure...but I still didn't want to wake up a sleeping, snotty nose boy.  I text Whit to come down to my house and by then I bet Tagg would be awake.  All the sudden I came out of my room and Brady said, "Tagg is packed up in the car.  He woke up and I really think you should go.  Mads and Tagg have not seen each other for a really long time." 

I completely fell for it and had no idea what I was about to walk in to.  Even seeing Kelsie on the stairs, I still had no idea.  She said, "Whit invited me to your playdate." and knowing Whit she totally would and I didn't think it was one bit weird.  Then everyone I love so much popped up from behind the kitchen bar and I couldn't believe me eyes.  It felt like the room was spinning.  I didn't know what to say or where to look.  

It was one amazing shower.  To get to sit and chat with mothers and family that I adore on what I thought was just a regular normal afternoon.  It became a highlight of the month!

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emi said...

love hearing the backstory of this! haha way to go Brady! also, love the pants :)