Monday, May 4

St. George

Lydi went on her first road trip.

lots to smile about!

Lydia liked the pool we just caught her screaming because it was feeding time.

Our favorite toddler and swim buddy

Snow Canyon
First family hike with Lydia
The sky was beautiful on our hike

 Last but not least....Fiesta Fun.  Tagg was in heaven.  It is totally baby vegas.  

We got a fun date night with Kevin and Rachel.  Getting dinner and ice cream and waking up to cousins is always a highlight.

Sitting shotgun, I can't help but look behind me and stare with awe and amazement that suddenly I share two little people with my best friend.  I do triple takes to make sure it's real.  

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emi said...

fun fun in the sun! we need to do a st. george trip sometime!!