Tuesday, June 16

Ogden Marathon

These two ran the Ogden Marathon and many training runs together

The hotel room

Brady's support crew finding shelter under the police sign at the finish line

wet hugs at the finish

but that was definitely not the finish for Brady.  He got a nap and went straight to a video shoot that lasted till 2:00am.  He had to go up and down stairs for hours videoing a bridge under construction. Talk about torture after your legs have had it from a marathon.

maybe one day we will justify buying the race photos but for now we just love the proofs!


emi said...

Love these pics...especially the bullseye sign! I did not hear about the stairs and construction shoot after- yikes! If anyone could handle it it's Brady!

Linda Dunn said...

Love seeing these pictures. I hope I get to stand on the sidelines and cheer all of you on in marathons in the future. What great supporters..even in the rain.