Monday, July 13

Lake Tahoe with the Dunn Siblings

Let me read you a little about my trip to Lake Tahoe...

My aunt Emi is a fabulous blogger, traveler, trip planner and now trip provider.

She got a house for all of us to stay in together and I didn't even wake anyone up in the middle of the night! She gave my parents this master suite and Emi ended up sleeping in the closet room which I didn't think was very nice of my parents to take the most beautiful room. But they did and I had a beautiful view of Tahoe from my pack and play.

So many beautiful hikes. I of course didn't hike but I did get rocked to sleep in that wrap every time. I woke up for the best part-the view. Fallen Leaf Lake was breathe taking as well as Emerald Bay.
See I did wake up! at the end of the hike at our destination Fallen leaf lake where we flew this drone and my mom was scared it was going to be a fallen leaf in the lake. I smiled at Emi's camera and she snapped my moms favorite photo of me.  It's hard to control my arms at 3 months so I tried hard to get them crossed just right.
ewe brother stripped down and went swimming. He was all smiles...plumber smiles.
We were obsessed with the trees. 
and the hot tub and the margarita glass

We hung out on the beach for a while as Emi got paddle boards rented. Dad played baseball with T and I sunbathed.

Views from our beautiful Tahoe Keys home.

My brother slept in the master closet and LOVED it.  He also collected all the pillows and blankets from the entire house and jumped into the "nest" almost three times a day.

Our favorite trip picture of uncle Jeff and cousin Zach on the spiral staircase to the roof with the hot tub.

and food! my milk was obviously tasty all weekend long.

and my brother looks like a bear pancake-at our last meal together before we all took off to move our belongings and all start new chapters in new neighborhoods with new friends and new views and not knowing when all of us would be together again around the same table.  


Linda Dunn said...

You had so many more pictures of this amazing weekend. I love seeing all these cute ones. Thanks for posting.

emi said...

cutest post, lydi! :)

love you and loved every second of this time together!

Kelsie Peterson said...

Best blogger ever. You always think of a creative way to tell about a trip. Love you! this place looks beautiful!