Sunday, July 5

Taggart Turns Three!

Big three year old party invite

I came to set up and found cute Talmage moving and arranging the cranes perfectly for us. That's a lot of equipment to move and I was so grateful for his help! 
Pomps was so wonderful letting us come down and explore his work. He even dressed up in his orange vest and hard hat. Taggart's favorite! Here Pomps is helping everyone get a turn pulling the semi horn.  Everyone covered their ears!
Ronnie had all the tricks up his sleeve.  He has small crane models in his office and one remote control lego crane he built. That was the hit of the party. And how nice of him to let all the kiddos get their hands on it and drive it through the conference room. He brought out a cart that everyone loved riding on. Such a good dad and uncle!


We bought blow up hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers that were part of a relay Brady set up.  It ended up turning into "try and hit Brady". The kids loved it. 

Probably my favorite cake I have ever made.  So much fun and very tasty!

Some of the party goers.  I don't know why I didn't think of grabbing a group photo.  Those are my favorite photos from when I was little.  Most my friends from this age are still my friends now and to see how much has changed over the years is fun to watch.  

We face timed Yaya and papa in Africa as he opened his gifts they sent.  He has loved his african safari ranger outfit with hat and lion backpack included.  A fun coloring book and kisses and ugga muggas through the computer screen. He got this bike from yaya and papa on his second birthday and it got stolen over christmas in California. Miraculously "Todd" the bike thief brought it back for his third birthday! Society these days!

Websters gave him a rubber band gun-perfect for his lion hunts and we found a neighbor getting rid of this log cabin playhouse and snatched it up for a birthday gift. 

We let him choose his birthday dinner and I kept trying to make him choose Market Street for some reason.  He would not budge from five guys.  I suggested about 15 other spots and he just new five guys would wrap up the birthday perfectly.  When we took the photo at dinner he ran to brady and said, "let me see." We thought he was checking to see if he was smiling or something but he said as he saw it, "Oh good all my guys made it." He wanted all his new puppy dogs in the photo.


Kelsie Peterson said...

Ha! I love that he had to have all his guys in the photo. That Tagg! Love him so much! Your birthday party planning skills are unreal!

Linda Dunn said...

Every detail makes us feel like we didn't miss a thing. Thanks for posting this fun party and all the amazing ways you made it perfect....with a little help from your darling dad and brothers. You and Brady know how to throw a party.