Thursday, August 20

24th of July in JACKSON of course

The first thing we did after unpacking the car was a walk along the Lake Shore trail.  It was quiet and peaceful and getting dark.  We got to the thick of the pines and we started getting nervous because it was just too quiet and definitely the time of night you see bears.  We decided we better turn around. Then we saw a group of 5 people ahead of us and felt safe.  We all started down the trail when all the sudden a huge brown bear came out of the pines, walked straight in front of us and down to the water to take a swim.  We watched this giant bear take a swim, shake off, and walk back across the trail into the woods. It was beautiful and shocking to Taggart.  He said, "I'm nervous." He couldn't wait to tell every camper his bear story. 

We had a great plan for sleeping but ended up all on the air mattress in the mornings.  Those kiddos just got too cold in the middle of the night. 

Lydia fell asleep on Taggart's back and Tagg laid across her lap.  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Signal Mountain ride

We made it to Buffalo Valley Cafe.  Tagg and Mads were very entertained playing fetch with the cafe dog and playing yo gaba gaba.

Madison shared her toys the entire trip with all these kiddos.  They all loved playing yo gaba gaba and jumping on the beds.

Lydi balding and learning to ski

The annual log picture with the cousins.  This group is growing!


Linda Dunn said...

Seeing these pictures makes my mouth water. I love that you post everything you can.
Tetons and family go together.

emi said...

oh my gosh!! love all of these but that one of tagg and mad from behind sitting on the deck with tagg in his hat is too much to handle. besties for life. miss jackson and you guys! lydi looks older and smilier in each pic!