Thursday, August 20

4th of July

Yuba Lake to celebrate our firecracker Kelsie and the 4th of July

The next day we had breakfast in the canyon and hiked silver lake and twin lakes

Lydi learned to suck her thumb on this hike. Tagg was so proud! He kept laughing at her saying, "She likes to suck her thumb like me!"

Bobs brainfreeze runs. Anytime I put tagg in the green stroller he thinks it means we are headed to bobs. He starts cheering before he even knows where we are headed. Usually its not bobs. But definitely enough to make him think that's the only important place we stop when using the green stroller.

Garden signs for pomps garden

Swim lessons with Taylor

Oakley Rodeo and Big Bad John

Teeball trophies and hires afterwards with our biggest fan Ginny

Gorgeous summer hikes for these boys
Barbecue at Trisha's and first meetings for Lydia

A good golf foursome

I went to a baby shower and received this picture by text of the boys hunting down free chick fil a dressed as cows.  

oh the this will define my summer and raising Tagg


Linda Dunn said...

Every picture is delicious to me. The one of Brady and Tagg dressed as cows is so funny. I love all the ones of Jeff and Brady together. Love your blog.

emi said...

LOVE IT ALL!! lydi sucking her thumb! brady in a cowboy hat! brady and tagg in cow costumes! the sweet tramp pic! love you!!!