Tuesday, October 13

Goodbye 3030

Our fist pic at 3030 and our last pic at 3030. 
The Websters made us this fun sign on our door and left tagg a box of his favorite toys he would play at at their house. That made me cry all night.

Our moving crew

We experienced every emotion selling our first home. It was fun and exciting. Stressful and sad. We loved our house, we loved our neighbors, we loved the park as our back yard.  We loved sharing a fence line with the Websters who invited Tagg over almost daily. We loved the park, the easy access to everything, and the beautiful location.

We had to jump on the opportunity to sell at a good time and have such a nice spot to call home for two years as Mike and Linda finish their mission.

As we were deciding on selling we thought to list on KSL for sale by owner and see if there was any interest and make our final decision once we see if there is interest.  Brady posted the ad and within minutes got several calls. We couldn't believe the darling families and neighbors interested. We said we wouldn't show the house till Saturday which was 4 days away and gave me time to clean and organize the kiddos.  We ended up showing it the day after the KSL ad went up and we had 4 offers. We weren't using a realtor so Brady organized the timing and scheduling of all the showings.  I cleaned the house and got everything ready and felt too emotional to watch people walk through our home so I took the kiddos to my moms and Brady entertained.  I forgot Taggart's blankster so I had to come back to the house. I found Brady on his laptop at the kitchen table with cologne sprayed in the bathrooms, candles lit on the kitchen table, and some soothing music playing from the computer and several realtors and their clients roaming the house.  It was hilarious to see Brady managing the realtors questions and comments.  It looked like he had been selling houses his entire life. In the end Brady felt impressed to take this family that lived in Seattle's offer.  Their mom lived around the corner and had called me an hour after the ad was posted saying she had no idea we were moving. She had been my visiting teacher for 2+ years so she knew the home well. She came to the open house and showed her kids the house over facetime and they offered.  I felt crazy taking that offer when they hadn't stepped into the home and had only seen it over facetime but I trusted Brady.  Everything worked out better than I ever imagined. Tagg fell in love with our cowboy inspector, the appraisal came in perfectly (things I thought were normally dreadful) and the family moving in couldn't be more perfect. They love the home as much as we do.

We sold as much furniture as we possibly could and headed up the street to a new adventure. As the home emptied out it started feeling less like home. It felt nice to move to a furnished home that we already felt comfortable in. Most moves are to a completely empty, foreign place.  We moved to somewhere familiar.

It was hard to leave the primary kiddos and leaders I had loved working with. 


emi said...

I love these pics and hearing about Brady the smooth realtor! :)
Moving is always every emotion, but love seeing you up there.


Linda Dunn said...

I also love seeing all the details of the move. Just so sorry you had to deal with the flood on Mt. Oly way. I love the picture of all 4 of you sitting in front of 3030 for the last time. Lydia looks like she knew what was happening