Friday, October 23


Lydia Lydia Lydia,

You are a dream come true. You have brought our family so much joy.  I am convinced you are the worlds best baby and the happiest baby I have ever seen.  You smile with your entire face and you love your family-especially your big brother.  You would choose watching and laughing at him over eating, sleeping, changing, cuddling, rocking or swaddling.  As long as you can hear him playing you are happy. I have not loved nursing you because of this.  It will be time to eat and Tagg will walk in the room and you forget all about your empty stomach or the schedule we are trying to stick to.

You came knowing how to sleep perfectly. I adjusted to two kids way better than I expected because you were giving me sleep.  We loved you so much from day one. You came with this calm spirit and a very quiet cry. You were always so content. As I type this now you have become the worlds worst sleeper. I am hoping it's your teeth but it sure hasn't changed how we feel about you.  I thought you were so easy to love because you were so well behaved and well mannered and not needy.  Now as you are very needy and whiny and not sleeping that love has not changed. In fact, the harder you get the more we love you.  It is a privilege to help you and be your mom.

I hate to blog but love a record and I can't let more time go by before I record some of your firsts and the things we love about you.

You started solids at 5 months but you wanted to start at 3 months.  You were so ready for food! I remember your dad was out of town and we met kels for dinner at Limone. I started eating my salad with you on my lap and you started shaking of excitement.  Kels looked over and said, "Is she ok?" I forgot how use to this I had got until kels panicked. You get so excited that you don't know what to do with your hands and you just shake them waiting to taste anything. You eat everything! There has not been one thing you have disliked or turned away from.

You rolled over at 3 months and move so much as you sleep! I will lay you more on the right side of the crib and after your nap you are on the complete opposite side, upside down, feet out the crib bars, hands in the air.  You are a mover. but luckily just rolling and not crawling yet.

You learned to sit without support the week you turned 6 months.  Good work girly.

You just learned to clap and its the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love it so much.

Your teeth are swollen and we are loosing so much sleep as we await their arrival but at 6.5 months you still have no teeth.

We think you can wave hello but I better wait a few weeks to really claim you know what your hand is doing.

Here are my all time favorite photos of you my dear.  Love you so much.
My first snap I took of you. I sent it to our neighborhood friends welcoming you here.
Right before we left the hospital.

Dad's first photoshoot of you

The nurse came and gave you a bath and styled your hair like a rockstar. I loved it. 


emi said...

I am so in love with this little chica .. and this tribute to her!!!!

Linda Dunn said...

This is just what I needed. I cannot get enough of her. I love the gummy toy that Tagg put on her face. Hilarious. Every picture makes me want to hold her more. Thanks for posting. I love it so much. Makes me feel like I am watching her progress. She could not be more darling. Love your updates and journal comments.