Tuesday, October 6

Lydia's blessing day

You were given a beautiful blessing from your dad.  I knew you were a special little girl but it was so fun to hear the specific things that you are blessed with.
We had 9:00 am church and all our friends and family gathered around to bless you.  As we sat waiting for the meeting to start we were excited to see Jimmy come support us at church.  We had him sit right in between dad and I. He held you and was excited to be there.  Nana and pomps held you and sat on the other side of me.  The meeting started and the bishop asked all that were invited to be in the circle to come up front. Immediately your dad and pomps got up and started walking to the front.  But they had no baby! You were in my arms.  I stood up on the third row of the chapel with you in my arms and no one to hand you to.  The whole chapel started laughing and your dad came back and grabbed you out of my arms.  I felt like I was part of the feminist movement for a moment there. Like everyone was expecting me to bring her to the circle and make a big deal about women/mothers. Silly silly.  Then dad started the blessing off and said something wrong so started again.  It was so not typical of your smooth, well spoken dad.  He is so polished so to see him do something human was refreshing.  It was definitely memorable. And once he started, he made me cry from the beautiful words that were said in your blessing.  Don't think we screwed everything up! You loved the blessing.  Dad said it was also hard to focus because he would look down at you and you would be smiling with that full face grin of yours just as happy as could be.  Everyone commented on how funny that was that the binky fell out and your face was just full of wide smiles. 

We went home and nana had helped me set up these beautiful pink tablecloths with rag dolls, wood toys and fresh cut flowers from the yard.  I remember looking around at all the people and decorations and you in your fresh white dress thinking my home and life has never been more beautiful.  It was one of my favorite days.

We served my favorite waffles with muffins and juice and everyone took turns holding you and admiring what a darling little one you are.

Nana had saved my blessing dress and I couldn't wait to see it on you.  She brought pictures of me wearing it so we could compare what we both looked like in the same dress.  You also wore my beautiful gold locket that I was blessed in that nana had saved.  I made you a floral headband and bought some darling shoes that matched your dress.  My roommate Stacy made you the darling pearl bracelet that arrived the day we got home from the hospital and the Soinski's gave you the wood toys and beautiful silver bracelet. 
My mom saved about everything from my blessing day.  I just wish she saved that floral dress she's wearing and that emerald necklace;) I would have loved to wear that on your day.

I loved your blessing day. It was such a perfect day to celebrate you and the joy you have brought to our home.

The after party crash!


Linda Dunn said...

I love every word and every picture. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It helps us feel the details of this most amazing day. Oh, how we love each one of you!

emi said...

I scrolled through this a few times because I could not get enough!! Cutest photos and family...EVER. We are sad we missed it but love your recap !! Love you! Xo