Sunday, November 22


Halloween Program at Discovery.  He was one of the brave tasters that came up front to try the scary brewing rootbeer.
Robin Hood and Travis Wilson

Halloween breakfast and pumpkin ghost sugarcookies

Websters dropped by a darling bag for the kids with cute toys and treats

Cornbellies with these matching twins!

Brady looked hilarious a few pounds larger around the waist. 

Nana told us a scary witch story under the spooky tree.  The kids were creeped out and then listened perfectly to the story.
We had to do the traditional donut game!!
The whole crew! Such great costumes this year!

Sunday was the day after Halloween. Brady was so embarrassed I put Lydia in a pumpkin hat for church.

Halloween hangover on our pew.  He slept through primary too and we were practicing the program. He knows when to sleep!

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